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Lage Landen Pilsener

Lage Landen pilsener is a Premium beer that is brewn trough a century old tradition with the biggest care and passion excusively for the hospitality industry and distributed troughout the Netherlands.

They were in need for a logo and other items within a corporate identy. 

My role in this project
Brand identity
Logo design


Lage Landen Pilsener


The Logo had to look refreshing but trustworthy. So i tried to combine elements from different caligraphic / medieval fonts to come up with a logo that did fit the wishes of the customer and used the twoo L’s in a sign that we used above the letters as a shield.

Labels & Prints

The Label Needed to have an image that would refer to the name of the beverage. Lage Landen that stands for the country’s that this lager would be distributed in. So i took the map and made it look even more flat by skewing it. 

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